maandag 20 september 2010

One tim

One tom i thonk i gut a bit buzed off of this thig culled beir i thank. hers a pictur of mi. I hop you lik it.

donderdag 16 september 2010

Hi guise, just though id do one oh dem oopdots. i found this funny pic on the tubes. i like it.

dinsdag 7 september 2010

I am very tired, however comma I wanted to post this new internet mime. I think its hilarious. I like mimes.

maandag 6 september 2010

OHaiDer: Let Me Just Leave My Baby Here

One time I herped so hard, i forgot my baby. Dont worry though blagotubes, i remembered it later. Now my baby is black.
So I found this new wobsite, its called googe crom. Its a good wobsite, it has all the intertubes right in it. I like it very a lot. I am going to post a picture so you can see what it see's like.

I Think its a good wobsite!!!!! 

zondag 5 september 2010

So, therre was this thing and it was fun. I did it everyday until I said, "then who was phone". Comment if you know who was phone!!!